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The Palace of Fine Arts, is located on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples, the original inhabitants of the San Francisco Peninsula.



We’re inviting the top creatives in the tech industry from all over the world to come learn, grow, scrape their knees.

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July 9

Time Square Kingstreet

Join 400 others in Manhattan, NY for a full day of inspiring keynotes and new connections at the premier conference for software Product Managers.



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  • Day 4

    • Registration and Welcome
    • Registration desk opens
    • Welcome remarks by the UN Women president

    • Speaker: [Keynote Speaker]
    • Topic: "Setting the Vision for Wibsai 2024"

  • This discussion will delve into the intersectionality of gender, poverty, and institutional strengthening. Participants can explore how existing poverty alleviation programs in Nigeria & Africa can be enhanced by incorporating a gender perspective. Key topics for discussion may include identifying specific challenges faced by women and girls in poverty, examining successful case studies where gender-sensitive approaches have made a positive impact, and proposing strategies to ensure that poverty alleviation initiatives are inclusive and empowering for all. Case studies can be identified from Nigeria, examining their social impacts.
    • Panelists: [List of Panelists]
    • Moderator: [Moderator's Name]

    • Refreshments and networking opportunities

    • Speakers: [Speaker 1, Speaker 2]
    • Moderator: [Moderator's Name]

    • Buffet lunch
    • Networking activities and introduction of participants

  • This theme focuses on the role of financial mechanisms and institutional frameworks in advancing gender equality and empowerment. Participants can discuss the importance of providing women and girls with equal access to financial resources, including loans and capital, and how this can contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty. Additionally, the conversation can explore the need for institutional reforms to eliminate gender-based barriers, foster economic inclusion, and create an environment conducive to the empowerment of women and girls. A case study could be the various initiatives of government and non-governmental associations such as Senators’ wife’s association, Governors wives, Ministry of women Affairs, etc.
    • Panelists: [List of Panelists]
    • Moderator: [Moderator's Name]

    • Speakers: [Speaker 3, Speaker 4]
    • Moderator: [Moderator's Name]

  • Facilitator: [Facilitator's Name]

  • Networking and refreshments

    • Presentation on mental health initiatives
    • Q&A and discussion

  • Workshop on strategic planning and vision board creation

    • Informal networking
    • Entertainment and music

    • Light morning workout session
    • Health talk on wellness and fitness
    • Venue: Hotel gym or open space

    • Guided tour of iconic landmarks
    • Lunch at a local restaurant
    • Team-building activities

    • Reflections on the tour and previous activities
    • Participant testimonials
    • Light workout

    • Networking opportunities
    • Buffet lunch

    • Informal gathering for networking
    • Entertainment and social activities
    • Awards Ceremony and Outstanding Stories
    • Presentation of 8 Awards
    • Sharing of 8 Outstanding Stories
    • Presentation of Prestigious recognitions & honors Certificates to companies and individuals

    • Participants check out from their accommodation
    • Breakfast available for participants
    • Farewell Networking

    • Participants depart from the venue or designated meeting point
    • Transportation arranged for those heading to the airport or other departure locations

    • Participants may choose to explore the city or engage in optional activities
    • Event organizers available to assist with recommendations

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