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The Wibsa International 8&8 Night Share Your Story campaign provides a platform for inspiring women to share their impactful stories, driving social change. Here’s an elaboration on the screening and selection process:

The 8&8 Night

Share Your Story Campaign

The WIBSA International 8&8 Night Share Your Story campaign provides a powerful platform for inspiring women Impacteurs to share their impactful narratives, contributing to social change/good. By offering a detailed screening and selection process, we aim to highlight stories that have made sustainable impact and difference in their communities.

Screening and Selection Process:

Interested participants fill out a comprehensive form detailing how their actions have positively impacted their community and changed narratives for social good. Submissions include step-by-step actions taken and measurable impacts achieved in the form of a story.
The Submitted Stories are evaluated based on criteria such as impact, innovation, overcoming challenges, and the potential to drive positive change.
Participants are encouraged to share their stories from the website to social media platforms. Engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and shares contribute to the overall evaluation.
The top eight winners with the highest impact, engagement, and activities are selected. Each winner, record a 1-minute video introducing themselves, their participation in the WIBSA International 8&8 Night, and a brief overview of their impactful story.

Benefits for the Eight Winners:

Promotion and Support:

Participants are encouraged to promote their stories, seeking support through likes, shares, and comments on the website and social media. The campaign generates awareness and engagement around the stories, fostering a community of support.

Why Share Your Story?

Your story can be a powerful tool for change, addressing social challenges, and inspiring resilience that will help in achieving goals. By sharing experiences, participants contribute to a collective effort to make a difference.

How to Share Your Story:

This detailed process ensures a fair evaluation of impactful stories and provides a rewarding experience for the eight winners selected to share their narratives at the prestigious Wibsa International 8&8 Night in Vancouver, Canada 2024 event.

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