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About ICES

The ICES is a world-class platform designed, under the International CEO Forum (ICF), to create international trade and investment, promoting business partnerships among CEOs and business executives from across the globe. A key outcome from this event is expected to be a set of disruptive ideas on economic policies, business strategies, new trends and calls for action that will spur trade and investment.

The ICES will feature thought-leadership keynote speeches, plenary sessions of debates among figureheads, and parallel round-tables on trending topics. Besides, special events will include (i) sessions hosted by countries, businesses or organizations; (ii) Invest Pitches by countries, States, Cities, businesses and organizations and (iii) The Deals Exchange at the deal room. Moreover, networking opportunities will be available for attendees to connect at top-level business contacts.

The ICES differentiates itself by offering business executives in various industries access to high-return investment opportunities, Global brand positioning, exposure, and unraveled networking opportunities. Business leaders also get a platform for influencing and impacting on important current debates, as well as learning about disruptive trends and innovations.

Summit Objectives

To Provide A Global Corporate Platform For International Commerce And Business Partnerships Between CEOs, Blue-Chips, SMEs And Governments Through Networking & Business To Business (B2B) Matchmaking.
To Ensure More Involvement Of CEOs In Analyzing Economic Issues While Developing A Private Sector Driven And Sustainable Economic Strategy.
To Enhance Critical Understanding Of Current Economic Trends And Challenges Facing Businesses, While Exposing Participants To Real Life And Time-Tested Solutions

To convene a world class platform for Strategic Business Partnerships between CEO’s on both sides of the Business Performance Equation.

In this Summit, Chief Executives, from diverse Business sectors will be exposed to time – tested Strategic Business solutions to live issues/business challenges while exploring the economy from a private sector perspective.

Who attends

The Gathering of Global CEOs, Investors, Bankers, Policy Makers, Industry Experts & Innovators

Attendance Portfolio

Participation at the Summit is strictly limited to CEOs or the equivalent (Chairman, CEO, COO, CFO, Founders & Co-Founders, Owner, Partner, Managing Partners, Principal Partners, Investors, President, Managing Director, Global Financial Institutions (Banks, Investment & Insurance), Director General, Executive Director, Ministers of the Economy, Government business entities/ Regulators & Industry Experts). This includes those with CEO equivalent responsibilities for a division within a firm or any unmentioned necessary personalities requested by the company/organization with executive portfolio.

If within one company there are shared responsibilities equivalent to the CEO obligations, both persons/C-suites can attend the International CEO’s Economic Summit (ICES).

Substitutions are not permitted unless approved by the organizers.



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