Content Policy

Welcome to the International CEOs Economic Summit (ICES) – a world-class platform organized under the auspices of the International CEO Forum (ICF). We are committed to providing an enriching and collaborative environment for CEOs, executives, and thought leaders from around the globe. To ensure a positive and constructive experience for all participants, we have established the following Content Policy:

Purpose and Scope:

  • The primary purpose of ICES is to create a dynamic space for international trade, investment, and the development of business partnerships.
  • Content shared within the ICES framework should align with the summit’s objectives, focusing on economic policies, business strategies, and emerging trends.


Stakeholder Capitalism and Core Focus Areas:

  • ICES places a special emphasis on stakeholder capitalism, and all content should reflect a commitment to the well-being of all stakeholders, including businesses, communities, and the environment.
  • The core focus areas of ICES include the Digital Economy, Creative & Art Industry, Food & Hospitality, Real Estate/Business Investments, and Government Regulations. Content should be relevant to these sectors.


Collaboration and Engagement:

  • We encourage collaborative discussions, knowledge sharing, and engagement among participants. Content that fosters dialogue, exchange of ideas, and networking is highly valued.
  • Speakers and contributors are expected to promote inclusive discussions that respect diverse perspectives and backgrounds.

Professionalism and Integrity:

  • All content shared at ICES should uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.
  • Misleading, fraudulent, or deceptive content is strictly prohibited.

Respect for Intellectual Property:

Participants are expected to respect intellectual property rights. Any content shared must either be the intellectual property of the contributor or used with proper authorization and attribution.

Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

  • Content shared at ICES must comply with applicable local, national, and international laws and regulations.
  • Discussions on government regulations should be conducted with a focus on promoting compliance and ethical business practices.

Inclusivity and Diversity:

ICES is committed to fostering an inclusive and diverse community. Content that promotes discrimination, hate speech, or any form of exclusion is strictly prohibited.

Moderation and Enforcement:

ICES organizers reserve the right to moderate and enforce this Content Policy. Content that violates these guidelines may be removed, and participants responsible for such content may face consequences, including being barred from future participation.

Feedback and Suggestions:

We value feedback from our participants. If you have any concerns or suggestions regarding the content shared at ICES, please reach out to the organizers.

By participating in ICES, you agree to adhere to this Content Policy.
We appreciate your cooperation in creating a positive and impactful experience for all attendees.

Thank you for being part of the International CEOs Economic Summit.