International Delegation

As a leader of a delegation, take advantage of exclusive benefits for your team. If your delegation comprises 5 delegates, enjoy a 5% discount on registration fees. Alternatively, for larger groups of 10 people or more, one participant gets a complimentary registration, offering a valuable incentive for a robust representation.

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What You Need To Know About Leading A Delegation

Explore partnership opportunities with ICES to enhance your delegation’s experience. Collaborate with us to create customized programs, workshops, or networking events that align with your delegation’s goals. ICES values partnerships that contribute to the overall success of our events and create lasting connections.
Coordinating a delegation involves meticulous planning. Ensure that all delegates have the necessary documentation for visa applications and assist them in navigating the process. Facilitate seamless transportation arrangements, taking into consideration the travel preferences and schedules of the delegates.
Before the event, conduct thorough briefings for your delegation. Familiarize them with the event agenda, key speakers, and relevant topics. Encourage networking and participation in various sessions to maximize the value of their attendance.

The ICES experience doesn’t end with the event. Foster post-event engagement by organizing follow-up activities, such as debrief sessions, networking opportunities, or collaborative projects. This ensures that the benefits of participation extend beyond the event dates.

Maintain open and consistent communication with ICES organizers. Address any queries or concerns promptly and utilize the available support systems to guarantee a smooth and successful delegation leadership experience.

ICES understand that each delegation is unique. Reach out to our team for personalized assistance, whether it’s tailoring packages, arranging special sessions, or providing additional resources to meet the specific needs of your delegation.

Leading an ICES delegation is an opportunity to not only participate in world-class events but also to tailor the experience for maximum impact. Explore the possibilities and make the most of your leadership role at ICES events in New York and Toronto.