International CEOs Economic Summit

Toronto Canada 2025

The Global Gathering of CEOs, Bankers, Investors, Policy-Makers, Governments, Industry Experts, High-Level Professionals & Innovators

Event Date – TBD OCTOBER 2024


Over 500 top business executives, leaders, investors, innovators, high net worth individuals, industry experts, top government and policymakers from around the world will be attending the ICES 2025 annual summit in Canada for a two-day high-level meeting to re-enact the advancement of global private sector partnership and the Involvement Of CEOs In Analyzing Economic Issues While Developing A Private Sector Driven And Sustainable Economic Strategy for countries and continents from the private sector perspective.

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Why You Should Attend The ICES2025


Access high-level networking with the continent’s leading decision-makers.
Seize new business opportunities in an environment conducive to transactions.

Benefit from the analysis of consultants from leading consultancy firms to guide or reinforce your strategy.


Find out exclusively about the most promising investment projects.
Establish privileged contacts with public decision-makers interested in developing PPPs.
Adapt your strategies to the latest economic and geopolitical trends.


Present your country’s vision and development strategy to the investment community.
Take part in discussions on the growth prospects of each sector.

Meet the international investment community and develop new PPPs.

Investment Promotion & Innovative Finance:

Explore avenues for investment promotion, bridging funding gaps, and fostering innovative finance solutions.

Industry-Focused Discussions:

Address industry-based challenges and review new business strategies in sectors such as Finance, Digital Economy, Real Estate, Retail, Energy (Oil & Gas, renewables), Technology, Food, Hospitality & Tourism, Creative Economy, Transportation/Logistics, Governance, Policy Making, and Infrastructural Development.

International Trade & Regulatory Policies:

Discuss business and regulatory policies affecting international trade and ease of doing business for global corporations.

Partnership Potentials & Innovation:

Engage in discussions about the partnership potentials of young executives, innovators, and big start-ups as drivers for business growth, new economy development, and achieving global development goals.

Learning & Insights:

Learn about best practices, disruptive models, and gain fresh insights from experts, fast-growing companies, and emerging technologies.

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