Leadership Council/Advisory Board:

ICES prides itself on fostering collaboration and strategic guidance through its Leadership Council and Advisory Board. Comprising accomplished leaders and experts from diverse fields, this influential body provides invaluable insights, shaping the direction of ICES events and initiatives. Leaders seeking a platform to contribute to global discourse and influence industry trends are encouraged to explore the opportunities within our esteemed Leadership Council and Advisory Board.

International Representatives:

Our International Representatives play a pivotal role in establishing a global footprint for ICES. Acting as ambassadors, they facilitate partnerships, extend invitations to international delegates, and contribute to the internationalization of ICES events. If you have a passion for global collaboration and wish to represent ICES in your region, consider becoming an International Representative and be a catalyst for international engagement.

Community Consensus of Advisory Representatives:

At ICES, community input is paramount. Advisory Representatives ensure that the diverse voices and perspectives of our community are heard and considered. Engage in meaningful discussions, provide valuable feedback, and actively participate in shaping the future and advancing the cause of ICES. Your role as an Advisory Representative is crucial in maintaining a community-centric approach and fostering inclusivity within the ICES ecosystem.

Join the Leadership Council/Advisory Board:

Leaders and experts looking to make a lasting impact on the global stage are invited to join the ICES Leadership Council or Advisory Board. As a member, you will have the opportunity to contribute to strategic decision-making, guide the direction of ICES initiatives, and network with other influential leaders. Elevate your influence and be a part of a community committed to advancing innovation and collaboration.

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Volunteer/Internship Opportunities:

ICES offers dynamic volunteer and internship programs for individuals passionate for 3-6 months, global engagement, and ICES community development. Contribute to the success of ICES events, gain hands-on experience, and build valuable connections within the industry. Explore our volunteer and internship opportunities to be an integral part of the ICES team.


Collaborate on impactful projects that align with ICES’ mission and vision. Whether it’s spearheading initiatives to promote sustainability, innovation, or inclusivity, ICES welcome individuals and organizations to propose and lead projects that contribute to the advancement of our shared goals. Let your ideas flourish and make a tangible difference through collaborative projects within the ICES community.
At ICES, we believe in the power of collective expertise and collaborative efforts. Join us in shaping the future of global Private & Public Sector Partnerships, events, community engagement, and impactful projects. Explore the various avenues available within the ICES ecosystem and become a driving force in our mission for innovation and progress.