NAIJ | Media Sponsor

Naij.com is Nigeria’s no.1 most visited news and entertainment web portal. It attracts over 18 million visitors per month with 180 million monthly page-views. In 2015, PWC recommended Naij.com among the top 3 sites for advertisers in Nigeria. Naij is the no.1 most downloaded news app in Nigeria (according to Google play market) with 2million + downloads.


JiJi.ng is Nigeria’s no.1 online marketplace which attracts over 10 million buyers each month. On Jiji.ng you can buy, sell, trade, or find jobs and just about anything from 100 000+ trusted sellers and advertisers. Jiji is the no.1 most downloaded shopping app in Nigeria according to Google play market with best users’ ratings.


OXFORD BUSINESS GROUP (OBG) | Official Research Partners

Oxford Business Group is a global publishing, research and consultancy firm publishing economic intelligence on the markets of the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Oxford Business Group’s yearly economic and business reports are the leading source of country intelligence in the markets we cover and our weekly  economic briefings provide complimentary up-to-date analysis on the economic topics of the day.

BusinessPlus Services | Digital Media Partner

BusinessPlus services is the leading digital marketing agency in Africa, committed to helping organisations in the public and private sectors achieve results by providing them with a comprehensive range of business solutions to help effectively create traction, interaction and conversions of clients using digital media.