Summit Overview

The International CEOs’ Economic Summit (ICESUMMIT or ICES) is a global event that promotes the advancement of private sector partnerships and participation in global economies.


ICES drives to promote economies from the private sector perspective.It is a platform designed to create international commerce & business partnerships among CEOs and business executives from the globe, analyze global economies, bilateral trade and business policy challenges. It also promotes discussions where CEOs comes up with disruptive business trends and economic strategies that will create a more robust business partnerships.


ICESUMMIT or ICES shall leverage on the management team’s industrial experiences and networks in various industries to generate leads that connects and produces business opportunities that would relate to business growth for all attendees. The summit will discuss the following amongst others;

  • Addressing industry based challenges
  • Discussing business & regulatory policies affecting international & bilateral trade
  • Creating Business & Bilateral Partnerships Between, Companies, Countries And Continents
  • Networking session where attendees can leverage to connect value
  • Matchmaking session for sector interest
  • Award ceremony for best CEOs in enterprise empowerment
Summit Objectives
  • To provide a corporate platform for international commerce and business partnerships between Blue-chips and SMEs through networking & Business to Business (B2B) Matchmaking.
  • To ensure more involvement of CEOs and Blue-chips in analyzing economic issues/policies while developing a private sector driven and sustainable economic strategy.
  • To promote enactment of laws and the empowerment of SMEs with knowhow and access to funding through business mentorship, investment, sponsorships and partnerships.
  • To enhance critical understanding of current economic trends and
    challenges facing businesses, while exposing participants to real life and
    time-tested solutions
The Purpose

To convene a world class platform for Strategic Business Partnerships between CEO’s on both sides of the Business Performance Equation.

In this Summit, Chief Executives, from diverse Business sectors and best-in-class experiences, will be exposed to time – tested Strategic Business solutions to live issues/business challenges while exploring the economy from a private sector perspective.

Who Should Attend

The International CEOs’ Economic Summit brings together company executives, investors and public officials with profiles strictly limited to CEOs or the equivalent i.e. (Chairman, CEO, COO, Founders & Co-Founders, Owner, Partner, Managing Partners, Principal Partners, President, Managing Director, Director General, Ministers, Government Regulators, Heads of Commissions & Industry Experts) Etc. It also includes those with CEO equivalent responsibilities for a division within a firm.

  • Chairman
  • President
  • Board Members
  • Managing Directors
  • Government Regulators
  • Managing Partners
  • Executive Directors etc
  • Founders
  • Principal Partners
  • Innovators
  • CEOs
  • Enterprise Builders

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